The Painter




Born in the Alps, December 11th 1962, 

Just as remarkable and noble words emerge from the mouths of men, painting bursts out from under the tongue giving a taste for colours, language and transcendence.

As a self-taught painter and sculptor, I have never, from my earliest years, ceased interpreting and creating a language through painting, sculpture and writing, these crossroads of meetings, of common prayers. The dialogue between shapes, lines and volumes expresses a never ending desire to apprehend the world moving and attain and embellish the truths living in the space.

Transforming, deforming, give a sense to creation, avoiding blandness, glorifying nature and developing a thirst for discovery, for intellectual and human adventure, the source of divine discipline.

Living in a time of wars, massacres, globalisation and the Internet, which divest me of who I am, my eyes see and restore the close exoticism surrounding me, heavy with history, with dreams, with myths that surround me.

My characters travel through history, through fiction, far away from the immediate, distancing themselves from the present. They navigate through private lives without appearing where modesty and naked beauty mist over, instil optimism and push towards the joy of living, of being.

The temporal joins the spiritual when the bride, or the prayer, speaks to God transformed into a moon ; when the harlequin, or the rainbow, are the colors through which God sees the world ; when music, song and dance celebrate the body, the love and the scents of the loved one.

2015  Diplôme d’honneur au Festival Franco Coréen des Arts Plastics de Séoul, Galerie Iang, Namseoul University Art Center,  Corée du Sud.

2015  Diplôme coréen de travail apprécié au Salon KOMAS (Korea Mokpo Artfair Special Exhibition).

CORINNE HALIMI, 15 Hameau des Ruettes, 78580 Les Alluets Le Roi

tel. : 0617712824 – Email :

Translator : Helen Hensby